Gorefield Pre-School

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If you'd like more information on the committee members, please see the poster in the Pre-School's foyer.

What is the committee and why do we need it? 

Gorefield Pre-School is a charity (part of the pre-school learning alliance) and must therefore operate according to strict charity regulations. This includes maintaining a committee which must consist of a chair, a treasurer, a secretary and a minimum of 9 members. Certain members of the committee are the trustees of the pre-school and must make the decisions required to run and maintain the pre-school. Amongst other things they are responsible for budgeting, fund-raising and expenditure; staff employment; regulatory compliance; and day-to-day administration of the pre-school. 

The committee is made up of parent volunteers and some staff, yet it relies on new members joining each year to help with the running of the pre-school. Without a full committee the pre-school cannot run! If you would like to find out more about getting involved with the committee please contact the secretary at hannah.makes.scents@gmail.com. In addition to the trustee roles within the committee, we have a group of parents with non-trustee roles who attend meetings, volunteer to help during fundraisers and help negotiate with outside parties. These roles vary from big to small and we are always looking for more people to get involved. The more we can spread the workload, the more efficiently we can run! Again please contact the committee or the staff if you would like to help. 

Committee/Parent Meetings 

These meetings are held in the pre-school building in the evening and they are a forum to discuss the day-to-day management of the pre-school, including the all-important fund-raising we need to do to cover our running costs. 

Hot drinks and nibbles are provided and everyone is encouraged to come along to see what is happening and to add valuable ideas and input. There are many areas of discussion which would benefit from the involvement of a large number of parents to ensure the right decisions are made.

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