Gorefield Pre-School

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Gorefield Pre School Committee

Hannah Curson


The Chair takes charge off all committee meetings. This does not mean that the committee is there to do what the chair wants. It means the chair has the difficult task of:

  •   Seeing to it that the meetings are effective

  •   Making sure that decisions are taken and implemented in a way that reflect the needs

    and wishes of the pre-school members and makes best use of skills and talents


  •   Being the general coordinator, delegating where necessary.

  •   Ensuring that communication between all members is open

    The Chair Staff responsibilities

  •   Is the line manager of the manager and administrator

  •   Keeps personnel files for each member of staff

  •   Interviews prospective new staff, together with the Pre-School Manager and one other

    committee member

  •   Is readily available to Staff members

  •   Annual Pay award for the staff of the Pre-School, with input from the Treasurer and

    Administrator. This does not mean automatic pay increases, this is based on the pre-

    schools financial position.

  •   Annual performance reviews for the Pre-School Manager and Administor.

Tara Johnson 


The Committee as a whole is responsible for making financial decisions

In preparing all accounts and reports, the treasurer will find assistance from the pre-school administrator.


 The Treasurer will assist the Administrator in preparing in advance a Reciepts and Payments budget for the year, The Treasurer opens and maintains the pre-school bank accounts, updating the list of signatories as necessary.

  •   The Treasurer administers the petty cash, ensuring all withdrawals are properly authorized.

  •   The Treasurer carries out banking as required and authorizing payments of all bills.

  •   The Treasurer oversees all financial duties carried out by the pre-school administrator.

    The Treasurer reports to the committee at meetings

  •   Presenting a Receipts and Payments account for the year to date and term to date.

  •   Presenting the latest accounts book balance and likely movements in the coming term, recommending any action necessary.

    The Treasurer checks and authorizes an Annual Receipts and payments account.

    The Treasurer arranges for the independently examined accounts to be available to the whole pre-school at the Annual General Meeting

Stacey Smiley-Carr


The Secretary takes minutes of the meetings, types and circulate them to all committee members and Staff. 

The Secretary keeps an up-to-date list of names of the committee members, their addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, and ensure the chair is kept up to date. The Secretary also keeps an up-to-date list of all appropriate names and addresses. (i.e. PLA contacts, Day Care Advisor)

The Secretary:

  •   Sends invitation and thank you letters when necessary

  •   Writes letter on behalf of the preschool when required

  •   Keeps records of all correspondence

  •   Organises the AGM (including writing to prospective parents, Advertising, booking the venue etc)

  •   To arrange visits from local newspapers photographers for special events & advertisements when necessary.

Emma Lambe, Jenny Peggs , Christine Kaye,   Our nominated person is Hannah Curson

Committee Members

We are members of the committee. We all meet as regularly as possible to organise fundraising events and discuss/make/decide on changes relevant to the pre-school.

Committee members are usually required to:

  •   Attend committee meetings or send apologies

  •   Actively contribute to discussions and decision making

  •   Read any papers/ minutes prior to meetings

  •   Be familiar with committee procedures

  •   Be aware of legal responsibilities

  •   Understand the financial standing of the organisation

  •   Volunteer for and carry out activities

  •   Use specific skills, knowledge and expertise to help the committee reach sound decisions

  •   Avoid putting own personal interests before the pre-schools interests

  •   Act honestly and in good faith

  •   Respect confidentially

  •   Devote the necessary time and commitment to fulfil the role

  •   Ask questions about uncertainties

  •   Accept the authority of the chair.

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