Gorefield Pre-School

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Safeguarding and welfare requirement

Preschool Babysitting Policy

Policy statement

Our practitioners have a duty of professionalism both in and out of our setting.

This policy is for staff and parents who wish to make arrangements for babysitting outside of preschool hours.

We understand that some staff may be approached by parents who wish to employ them for babysitting duties outside of preschool hours, this may include taking the children home from preschool, or bringing them into preschool in the morning.

At Gorefield Pre-School we have a rigorous recruitment procedure to ensure that we employ competent and professional members of staff, and uphold our duty to safeguard children whilst on our premises and in the care of our staff. This procedure includes interviews and vetting such as DBS checks on references and qualifications. Furthermore, whilst in our employment, all staff members are subject to ongoing supervision, observation and assessment, to ensure that standards of work and behaviour are maintained in accordance with our policies. We have no control over the conduct of staff outside of their position of employment, and our duty to safeguard children as above does not extend to private arrangements. As such:-

  • Gorefield Pre-School will not be responsible for any private arrangements or agreements that are made between members of staff and parents/carers.

  • We will not take any responsibility for any health and safety issues, conduct, grievances, or any other claims arising out of the staff member’s private arrangements outside of Pre-School hours.

  • In the event that private babysitting duties are viewed to interfere with any aspect of the staff member’s employment, we may require that the agreement be terminated.

  • Confidentiality of children, other staff members and all clients must be adhered to and respected.

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